v. & n.
—v. (past and past part. fought)
1 intr. (often foll. by against, with) contend or struggle in war, battle, single combat, etc.
2 tr. contend with (an opponent) in this way.
3 tr. take part or engage in (a battle, war, duel, etc.).
4 tr. contend about (an issue, an election); maintain (a lawsuit, cause, etc.) against an opponent.
5 intr. campaign or strive determinedly to achieve something.
6 tr. strive to overcome (disease, fire, fear, etc.).
7 tr. make (one's way) by fighting.
8 tr. cause (cocks or dogs) to fight.
9 tr. handle (troops, a ship, etc.) in battle.
1 a a combat, esp. unpremeditated, between two or more persons, animals, or parties. b a boxing-match. c a battle.
2 a conflict or struggle; a vigorous effort in the face of difficulty.
3 power or inclination to fight (has no fight left; showed fight).
Phrases and idioms:
fight back
1 counter-attack.
2 suppress (one's feelings, tears, etc.). fight down suppress (one's feelings, tears, etc.).
fight for
1 fight on behalf of.
2 fight to secure (a thing). fighting chair US a fixed chair on a boat for use when catching large fish. fighting chance an opportunity of succeeding by great effort. fighting fish (in full Siamese fighting fish) a freshwater fish, Betta splendens, native to Thailand, the males of which sometimes kill each other during fights for territory. fighting fit fit enough to fight; at the peak of fitness. fighting fund money raised to support a campaign. fighting-top Naut. a circular gun-platform high on a warship's mast. fighting words colloq. words indicating a willingness to fight. fight off repel with effort. fight out (usu. fight it out) settle (a dispute etc.) by fighting. fight shy of avoid; be unwilling to approach (a person, task, etc.). make a fight of it (or put up a fight) offer resistance.
Etymology: OE feohtan, feoht(e), f. WG

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